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Welcome to Closed Captions (CC), your spatial tool for seamless transcription and translation of your surroundings.

CC was built to create a world where every language becomes your own.

CC empowers you to effortlessly convert spoken words into accurate text in real-time, facilitating accessibility, communication, and convenience like never before.

With CC, simply stream audio through your device's microphone, and watch as the spoken words magically transform into clear, readable text on your screen. Whether you're attending lectures, participating in meetings, or engaging in conversations, CC ensures that every word is captured with precision, eliminating the need for manual note-taking and enhancing your overall productivity.

But CC doesn't stop at transcription. We understand the importance of language diversity and inclusivity, which is why CC offers seamless translation capabilities. Effortlessly switch between languages and watch as CC translates the transcribed text into your preferred language in an instant, breaking down language barriers and fostering communication across borders.

We value your privacy above all else. Unlike other transcription apps, CC does not collect or store any transcriptions or translations. Your data remains secure and private, giving you peace of mind as you utilize CC for your personal and professional needs.

In addition to its powerful transcription and translation features, CC boasts a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. Whether you're a seasoned user or new to transcription tools, CC's simple yet sophisticated design ensures a seamless experience for all.
Hope you enjoy our take on the future of audio transcription and translation on Apple Vision.


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Story Spotter for Insta

Story Spotter for Insta allows you to watch users' stories and posts to see them in full size.