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Digital clock with battery indicator.


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Welcome to the era of spatial computing! Now, you can bring a whole zoo into your room.


 With this app, you can place life-like, detailed and beautiful models of animals into your space. Bring dinosaurs back to life and access all the necessary information about them at a glance. Dive into the depths of the ocean alongside sharks and whales, right in your living room. You can place multiple animated animals and explore every little detail of their bodies. This zoo of the future allows you to observe animals you can never see in regular life – from dinosaurs to marine fauna and beyond. The selection of available animals will expand over time, so your private animal collection will grow too.


 Crafted specifically for Apple Vision, our app utilizes every available technique to provide a smooth and rich user experience.


 Pay only once and get full access to all new animals and future updates. We carefully monitor user feedback, constantly improving existing functionality and adding new features.


Welcome to the era of spatial computing!

Step into the future of stock markets with Cyberstocks: real-time spatial stock tracking with cyberpunk themes! This app is completely free. No content is locked behind in-app purchases or subscriptions. Features include:

 • Global Markets: Access live updates for U.S. and international stock markets during trading hours.

 • Historical Insights: Dive into extensive historical price data, including 1D, 1W, 1M, 1Y, and much more.

 • Spatial Tickers: Transform your space with floating Tickers, adjusting speed and spacing to your preference.

 • Cyberpunk Themes: Choose from 6 unique themes, including light and dark modes to set the mood. (Cyberpunk Dark on the moon environment is quite something!)

 • Personal Watchlist: Keep track of your portfolio with ease.

 • Financial Statistics: Get quick access to key financial results for each stock through Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, and more.

 • Live Stream: Includes a dedicated spatial screen for Bloomberg TV live stream (*sign-in required, not affiliated with Bloomberg L.P.).

 Cyberstocks was crafted with passion by an independent solo developer. If you love the app, please consider leaving a review or supporting with a small tip through the in-app purchase options. For feedback, release notes, and known issues, visit


Step into the future of stock markets with Cyberstocks: real-time spatial stock tracking with cyberpunk themes!