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Glisten brings you hands-free language learning on visionOS. Lay back, listen, and read along with your favorite foreign podcasts. Glisten takes care of everything!

And if you are out and about, you can continue where you left off using Glisten for iOS. Whether riding the bus, driving, or walking the dog, Glisten is the only hands-free language learning app you'll need.

Glisten stands for 'Good Listen'. It's the podcast app for language learners, combining great free content with repetitive, hands-free listening workouts.

Immersing yourself in a foreign language with Glisten can take your listening comprehension to the next level. You can listen to free podcasts on any topic you please, making it much more fun than textbook exercises or word games.

So how does it work? Glisten brings difficult conversations into focus by extracting the text, and then repeating each sentence. Instead of losing the thread, the listening workout gives you time to digest phrases, and keeps you interested.

There is also no need to go searching for transcripts on the internet — Glisten automatically extracts the text for any spoken audio.

- Search for free podcasts on any topic in your language of choice
- Follow podcasts to get the latest episodes
- Prepare a listening workout, automatically transcribing the text
- Follow a listening workout, with sentence repeats, pauses, and slow downs
- Translate text into your native language with DeepL using tap-and-hold
- Play through an episode normally if you choose
- Play through difficult content using a listening workout with many sentence repeats
- Check your daily listening time, day streak, and other statistics
- Sync podcasts and progress between visionOS, iPhone and iPad using iCloud

• Choose any listening workout
• Practice specialized speaking workouts
• Import and transcribe any audio file
• Follow premium podcasts by entering a feed link
• Follow along with text in the Apple Watch app


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 They are all licensed under the Apple Software License Agreements (SLA).


SpeakLine lets your Vision Pro talk to you!

Introducing Audio Vision app, the cutting-edge audio analysis app that takes your audio engineering to the next level. Whether you're an audiophile, musician, or podcaster, this app is your gateway to a new dimension of audio understanding.

 Key Features:

 Real-time Spectrum Analysis: Witness the intricate details of sound with our advanced real-time spectrum analysis. Visualize the frequency distribution of audio in a stunning graphical representation, allowing you to identify nuances that may go unnoticed by the naked ear.

 Waveform Visualization: Dive deep into the structure of audio waves with our intuitive waveform visualization. Analyze the amplitude, frequency, and duration of sound events, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the composition of any audio source.

 Educational Insights: Whether you're a student, educator, or a curious learner, Audio Vision offers educational insights into the world of acoustics and sound engineering. 

 User-Friendly Interface: With a sleek and user-friendly interface, Audio Vision ensures that both beginners and seasoned audio enthusiasts can navigate the app effortlessly. Access powerful features with just a few pinches.

Audio Vision

Introducing Audio Vision app, the cutting-edge audio analysis app that takes your audio engineering to the next level.