Hide the cheese from the mice! screenshotHide the cheese from the mice! screenshot

Immerse yourself in the cheesy world of Mice n Cheese! Fight off the swarms of mice trying to get the cheese! How long can you last?

- Uses World Sensing technology to replace your surroundings with cheese!
- Mice constantly appear, trying to get the piece of cheese

Made exclusively for Apple Vision Pro.


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With Mahjong Space, immerse yourself in multiplayer spatial mahjong with friends. A classic game reimagined for the new era of Spatial Computing.

 Use SharePlay with Spatial Personas to play against friends on visionOS, or brush up on your skills by playing solo against the computer.

 Have a blast playing Mahjong anywhere, either on a real physical tabletop in immersive mode, or in a floating Volume so you can multitask while you play.

 New to Mahjong but familiar with other classic card games? Try the guided tutorial mode to learn the basics quickly.

 Mahjong is similar to rummy, but played with delightful 3D tiles instead of standard playing cards.

 The current Mahjong Space ruleset is based on the Mahjong Competition Rules, but with no scoring point minimums.

 We can't wait for you to experience the glossy beautifully-rendered tiles and the magic of the board coming to life on your tabletop.

 Thanks so much for being an early supporter: we'd love to hear what variants, game modes, and styles you'd like to see us add next!

Mahjong Space

With Mahjong Space, immerse yourself in multiplayer spatial mahjong with friends.

Introducing VisionTube - Your Ultimate YouTube Companion for VisionOS!

 Experience YouTube like never before with VisionTube, the cutting-edge YouTube client designed exclusively for VisionOS. Dive into a seamless and immersive video-watching experience, tailored to maximize your enjoyment and convenience.

 Key Features:

 - Home Screen Brilliance: Enjoy a personalized home screen that curates content based on your preferences. Stay up-to-date with trending videos and recommendations tailored just for you.

 - Library at Your Fingertips: Effortlessly navigate through your video library and history. Find what you watched recently, organize your saved videos, and rediscover hidden gems.

 - More Exciting Features Coming Soon!: At Mcrich, we believe in continuous improvement. While our current version provides a fantastic foundation for your YouTube experience, we have so much more in store for the future. Expect regular updates and feature additions that will redefine how you interact with YouTube on VisionOS.


 Why Launch with Limited Features?

 We understand the anticipation for a feature-rich application, but we value your time and didn't want to keep you waiting any longer. By launching with a carefully curated set of features, we ensure a stable and enjoyable user experience. Rest assured, our commitment to innovation means you can look forward to exciting additions and improvements in the coming updates.

 Download VisionTube now and witness the evolution of YouTube on VisionOS. Your entertainment, your way!


Introducing VisionTube - Your Ultimate YouTube Companion for VisionOS!