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Mindfulness doesn't have to be boring. Mindway is a full immersion where you'll nurture a mind at peace through interactive meditation - and become a better you.

Transport yourself to distraction-free worlds with the power of full immersion where every stone, leaf and cloud are part of the mindfulness meditation experience. Whether it's visualizing your breath as fairy dust or staying focused with responsive elements - Mindway makes meditation easy and engaging.

Spark lasting change and build resilience on a magical journey upwards. Navigate negativity and nurture positivity, push past problems and pull in peace.

You’ll meditate, relax and maybe even sleep your way through immersive landscapes and interactive exercises, uncovering that tranquility, self-awareness, connection, and happiness are, indeed, states of mind.

Here, science meets serenity, and you meet a better you.


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First ever spatial interactive music experience on Apple Vision Pro. Combining the thrill of a concert and intimacy of a personal performance, AmazeVR Concerts revolutionizes the music experience. Step into the music and be on stage with your favorite artists, anytime, anywhere.

 • 8K Visual Quality: Unparalleled fidelity. Feel as if the artist is performing right in front of you.

 • Interactive Hand Gestures: Engage in the artist's world. Send virtual hearts with intuitive gestures.

 • Immersive Eye-to-Eye Performances: Personalized experiences like never before. Maintain eye contact with artists as they perform exclusively for you.

 • Designed Exclusively for Vision OS: Tailor-made to harness the full potential of Vision OS, ensuring an unmatched experience.


 • Awarded as one of the “Most Innovative Companies” by Fast Company, AmazeVR Concerts sets a new standard in immersive concert experiences.

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 One time purchase to the concerts give you life time access to the content. Must be 13+ to use an Apple Vision Pro. For more information on AmazeVR Concerts please visit

AmazeVR Concerts

First ever spatial interactive music experience on Apple Vision Pro.