Spatial computing match game screenshotSpatial computing match game screenshotSpatial computing match game screenshot

A fun card matching game for everyone! What makes Ploppy Pairs special is the SharePlay functionality, which lets you play with friends and family together via FaceTime and makes you feel as if you are all in the same place.

There are various theme-based levels with difficulties from 4 up to 70 cards, which makes the game a great fun way to train the memory skills for all ages! Each level unlocks a new skin by reaching the best score possible. The score is dependent of the amount of needed turns.

In Shared Space you can play the game relaxed next to your other apps in your preferred environment. In Full Space you have the full freedom of moving, scaling and rotating the cards as you like! Make the cards as big as your floor, put them on the table or hang them on your wall, play wherever and however you want and feel fully immersed into the game!

- Full Space and Shared Space support
- Play together via SharePlay during FaceTime calls
- No advertisements within the game
- Offline playable
- Nine different themes with 74 levels overall
- Different difficulties from 4 up to 70 cards
- Endless gameplay by randomized cards
- Unlockable skins in each level
- Accessible with VoiceOver


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Reflexy is a curated set of challenges to help improve your reflexes & reaction time.

Discover the movements of the sun with Sunlitt on Apple Vision Pro.

 From Apple Park in Cupertino to the archeological site of Chichén Itzá, track the sun's precise journey and witness its dance around famous landmarks worldwide.

 Play with the sun to create dynamic shadows, experiencing the changes throughout the day and across the seasons.

 Immerse yourself in any chosen location or stay right where you are, observing how the sun moves around you.

 Key Features:

 • Sun Exploration: Explore the exact location and path of the sun across the world.

 • Immersive Experience: Dive into a fully immersive environment as Sunlitt unveils the sun's path around your current location or landmarks.

 • Dynamic Trajectory: Observe how the sun's trajectory evolves throughout the days and seasons, even during solstices and equinoxes, gaining insights into its unique patterns. 

 • Precise Timings: Discover where e when the sun rises, sets, enters golden hour, blue hour, twilight, and more, for any location.

 • Real-time Weather Insights: Access up-to-date weather information, including conditions, cloud cover, UV index, wind, visibility, and more, for each location.

 Explore the sun's movements & path interactively and gain an unique perspective on its journey in the sky with Sunlitt.

 Download today, and enjoy the sun!


Discover the movements of the sun with Sunlitt on Apple Vision Pro.