First spatial network screenshotFirst spatial network screenshot

Do you want to experience a new way of social networking? Discover the power of spatial network, a platform that lets you create and share messages with text and images in 3D space. With Apple Vision Pro, you can see and interact with these messages as if they were part of your environment. You can also add spatial motion design. Join the spatial network today and explore a new dimension of social media.


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 Innovative Features:

 GPT-4 Enhanced Search: Effortlessly find exactly what you need with precision. Our advanced GPT-4 integration delivers unparalleled search results, tailored to your documents.

 Document Management Made Easy: Upload, tag, and organize documents with ease. Our CHUNKing technology smartly breaks down content for optimal management.

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 Join the Chunk Community Today!

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Chunk: Your Ultimate Document Assistant.

Clay for Apple Vision Pro is a productivity must-have, seamlessly visualizing your network and relationships in a brand new dimension.

 With the power of spatial computing, you can browse, explore, and interact with the people in your life like never before.

 Interact with and explore your relationships in 3D with Clay's new Holodex, intuitively seeing people you’ve seen more recently and reaching out to them easily. Clay puts the full breadth of your network at your fingertips.

 Discover the global reach of your network with Clay’s unique Globe view. Browse your contacts across the world, and magically tap on each one to see your relationship history. 

 View your Clay contact cards alongside FaceTime video tiles for at-a-glance information about your last conversation with someone. Take notes easily without breaking your conversation.


Clay for Apple Vision Pro is a productivity must-have, seamlessly visualizing your network and relationships in a brand new dimension.