Apple Vision Pro Apps That Will Blow You Away

• written by Krist Duro
Apple Vision Pro Apps That Will Blow You Away

Apple is no stranger to revolutionizing entire industries with groundbreaking devices. From the iPhone to the Apple Watch, the company has repeatedly pushed technological boundaries and redefined consumer expectations. Their latest venture, Apple Vision Pro, marks Apple's entrance into the immersive world of augmented and virtual reality through a new platform called "spatial computing".

Examples of visionOS apps that are coming to the Apple Vision Pro

3D Design Apps

Apps like CAD software, 3D modeling tools, and virtual sculpting programs could allow designers to work with life-sized 3D objects that can be viewed, rotated, and manipulated from all angles.

Spatial Work Apps

Productivity tools like Keynote, Pages, and Numbers may support new spatial workflows where content can be arranged in virtual desktops around the user. Whiteboard apps could enable collaborative brainstorming in virtual spaces.

Immersive Education

Apps from textbook publishers and education platforms could deliver interactive 3D anatomy simulations, science demonstrations, historic sites/events in augmented reality formats.

Spatial Gaming

Apple Arcade games may include fully-immersive VR worlds and experiences. Multiplayer titles could place players together virtually. Fitness games could incorporate body movements.

Virtual Tours

Apps from real estate firms, tourism boards and event organizers could offer photorealistic walkthroughs of homes, destinations, cultural sites and concerts in VR.

Architectural Visualization

Architecture, engineering and construction firms may use Vision Pro for spatial 3D modeling, planning, and interactive visualizing of building projects at full scale.

Media Creation

Creatives could develop AR tools for filmmaking, mixed-reality performance, virtual art/sculpting, augmented music/VR experiences, and spatial/360 video editing.

Remote Assistance

Field service and work apps may facilitate augmented remote guidance, interactive teleprescence and virtual collaboration between on-site and remote experts.

The Apple Vision Pro represents the dawn of an exciting new era of computing that transcends the limitations of traditional screens. By seamlessly integrating ambitious technology with their legendary attention to design, privacy and usability, Apple is poised to define this emerging product category.

Early developers are already dreaming up visionary new spatial apps that will push the creative possibilities of this groundbreaking device. While only the beginning, Vision Pro promises to deliver experiences unlike anything seen before and change how we interact with technology for many years to come.

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