AI-powered audio transcription screenshotAI-powered audio transcription screenshot

High-quality on-device transcription. Easily convert speech to text from meetings, lectures, and more.

The transcription is powered by OpenAI's Whisper running locally on your device. The audio never leaves your device.


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Orbit Meditation: A New Dimension of Serenity for Apple Vision Pro.

 Discover a path to tranquility and mindfulness like never before with Orbit Meditation – exclusively designed for the Apple Vision Pro. Embrace a meditation experience that not only understands but evolves with you, leveraging the revolutionary capabilities of Apple Vision Pro.

 Mood Check-In

 Embark on your meditation journey with a meaningful prompt: 'How are you feeling?' This initial interaction is key, allowing you to acknowledge and articulate your current state of mind and emotions. Orbit Meditation uses your response to set the tone for a meditation session that is thoughtfully aligned with how you're feeling, ensuring a deeply personal and relevant experience.

 Personalized Experience Types

 Tailor your meditation from a selection of dynamic environments, all rendered with stunning spatial audio. With spatial awareness, these sessions are designed to be not only auditory but also physically immersive, enveloping you in a three-dimensional space of tranquility. The high resolution of Apple Vision Pro further enhances your experience, presenting serene visuals that adjust to your chosen ambiance, ensuring a meditation experience that is both comfortable and captivating.

 AI-Guide Sessions

 Orbit Meditation leverages AI to offer guided sessions based on your mood, preferences, and past choices, integrating seamlessly with the personalized user experience of Apple Vision Pro. Launch the app and be greeted with a meditation session curated for your current state, ready to start.

 Privacy and Mindfulness Together

 Orbit Meditation respects your privacy as much as your journey to mindfulness. We prioritize keeping your personal meditation experiences confidential, aligning with the robust privacy standards of Apple Vision Pro. Enjoy your meditative journey with the assurance that your personal space and choices remain just that—personal.

Orbit Meditation

Orbit Meditation: A New Dimension of Serenity for Apple Vision Pro.

Step into the World with Earth Eyes Pro for Apple Vision Pro.

 Embark on a globe-trotting adventure from the comfort of your home with xrStreetview, the premier virtual exploration app designed exclusively for the Apple Vision Pro AR/VR headset. Experience the thrill of travel and the beauty of global destinations in an entirely new way with immersive, first-person street views.

 Key Features of  Earth Eyes Pro:

 Global Exploration at Your Fingertips: Dive into streetview panoramas of cities, landmarks, and natural wonders from across the globe. Each location is a virtual step into another world.

 First-Person Discovery: See the world's most popular places as if you're really there. Navigate and explore in a fully immersive, first-person perspective with the Apple Vision Pro's mixed reality technology.

 Advanced Location Search: Look up any address or location worldwide to instantly transport yourself to new streets and vistas. From the cobblestone alleyways of Europe to the bustling streets of Tokyo, discovery has no bounds.

 Save Your Favorite Spots: Bookmark your favorite locations to build a personalized collection of places you love or wish to visit, making it easy to return to them whenever you desire.

 Full 360° Views: Enjoy complete freedom to look around. The 360-degree viewing capability allows you to soak in every detail of the world's most famous locations, all in stunning augmented reality.

 Designed with the power of Apple Vision Pro in mind,  Earth Eyes Pro leverages the seamless integration of iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS, creating an AR/VR experience that's as intuitive as it is breathtaking.

 Download Earth Eyes Pro now and start your virtual journey today. Your next destination awaits in a reality only Apple Vision Pro can deliver.

 Available exclusively on the App Store for Apple Vision Pro.

Earth Eyes Pro

Step into the World with Earth Eyes Pro for Apple Vision Pro.