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Introducing Cronica, the sleek and minimalist watchlist app for movie and TV enthusiasts.
Please note that Cronica is not a streaming platform.

Elevating your entertainment journey, Cronica empowers users to explore, discover, and enjoy movies and TV shows on their terms, embodying streamlined efficiency and informed viewing choices. Regardless of whether you're an avid binge-watcher or a more casual viewer, Cronica provides everything you need to elevate your entertainment experience.

Cronica Features:

Up Next: Stay Ahead of Your Shows
Effortlessly track the next episodes of your favorite shows right from the Home view. Stay in the loop and immerse yourself in uninterrupted entertainment.

Mark Episodes as Watched: Stay on Top of Your Progress
Keep tabs on your viewing journey by conveniently marking episodes as watched, allowing for a seamless continuation.

Release Notifications: Be the First to Know
Receive timely notifications when new episodes or movies from your watchlist are released. Never miss out on the latest release.

iCloud Integration: Your Data, Your Way
Access your watchlist seamlessly across devices, ensuring your entertainment preferences are always within reach.

Trailer Showcase: Preview Before You Watch
Watch trailers and access detailed information about shows and movies to make informed choices before diving in.

Cronica's Watch Providers: Your Go-To Streaming Guide
Powered by JustWatch, easily locate where your preferred movies and TV shows are currently streaming, simplifying your viewing choices.

Discover New Titles: Expand Your Horizons
Unearth a world of new possibilities by exploring our curated suggestions for exciting titles you might not have encountered otherwise.

TMDB Sync: Seamlessly Manage Your Watchlist
Sync your watchlist with TMDB and enjoy the flexibility of adding and removing items with ease, all while staying perfectly organized.


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 Key Features:

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Discover the ultimate companion for your anime and manga journey with Kitsune for MyAnimeList.

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