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Welcome to CrossCraft, where your imagination meets the classic charm of crossword puzzles! This innovative app transforms the traditional crossword experience, offering an unparalleled level of customization and personalization.

----- Varied Topics -----
Dive into an extensive range of topics from categories like Movie Franchises (like Harry Potter), Video Games (like Minecraft), Sports (like Football), or Programming (like Flutter).

----- Personalized Puzzles -----
Blend provided topics with your own question-answer pairs to craft unique and meaningful crosswords, perfect for educators, parents, or event organizers.

----- Multiple Sizes and Shapes -----
Choose from 5 sizes (XS to XL) and 3 shapes (square, portrait, landscape) to suit any occasion or challenge level.

------ Adjustable Difficulty -----
Tailor the challenge with 3 difficulty levels, ensuring fun and engagement for all ages and skill levels.

------ Play Anytime, Anywhere -----
Engage with crosswords directly within the app, whether you're online or offline, thanks to local on-device generation.

------ Export and Share -----
Easily export and share your creations with a link or QR code, or print them out for physical play. Ideal for special events like birthdays, Christmas gatherings, and more.

------ Limitless Possibilities -----
With unlimited crossword generation, your puzzle potential is endless.

----- Inclusive Language Support -----
Enjoy the app and its puzzles in 7 different languages, making it accessible and enjoyable for a diverse global audience.

----- CrossCraft is not just an app -----
It's a celebration of creativity, education, and the joy of puzzles. Whether you're a crossword aficionado, a teacher seeking engaging educational tools, or someone looking to add a personal touch to special occasions, CrossCraft is your perfect companion.

Download CrossCraft now and start crafting your crossword legacy!


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