Retro-style maze-puzzle game screenshotRetro-style maze-puzzle game screenshotRetro-style maze-puzzle game screenshot

As the last surviving heir of your great uncle Ludwig, you’ve inherited his Bavarian castle and its underground treasures. It’s up to you to survive each level and find... the greatest treasure of all!

30-levels of ad-free, retro-style graphics and gameplay await. Supports game controllers and visionOS gestures.


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Discover a unique mental challenge: Destroy Hanoi!

 Ready to challenge your brain? 'Destroy Hanoi' is an addictive game that combines the classic Destroy Hanoi gameplay with exciting match-3 game elements. You'll need to use your wits, skill, and a little bit of luck to solve each level's puzzles in this game full of strategy and fun.

 Unique gameplay

 In Destroy Hanoi you will face an exciting task: stack three identical animals on top of each other to get the highest score! However, it's not as simple as a traditional match-3 game. You can only move the first animal at the top of each column, which requires you to make smart choices and precise planning to successfully solve each puzzle.

 Challenge your intelligence

 This game is not just simple entertainment, but also a challenge to your intelligence. Through carefully designed levels, you will face increasingly complex puzzles that require constant thinking and trying to find solutions. And, as you continue to improve your skills, you'll find yourself able to complete challenges in less time and earn higher scores!


Discover a unique mental challenge: Destroy Hanoi!

The ultimate companion app for the Apple Vision Pro, designed to offer your friends and family an immersive introduction to the future of spatial computing. With the Guided Guest Mode, showcasing the groundbreaking capabilities of your Apple Vision Pro has never been easier or more engaging.

 Seamless Introduction

 Skip the hassle of explaining how to use the Apple Vision Pro. This apps pre-included guides allow your guests to explore the device's most impressive features in Guest Mode, ensuring a smooth and captivating experience from the start.

 Personalized Experience

 Tailor the guides to match the interests and preferences of you and your friends and family. Adjust the existing guides or craft entirely custom guides to create a truly personalized introduction to the spatial future.

 User-Friendly Design

 Designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, Guided Guest Mode makes it effortless for you to manage and display the guides, whether you're adjusting an existing one or creating a new guide from scratch. The guides themselves are also very easy and intuitive to use by your guests. Pressing 'Next Step' is all they need to do.

 Why Guided Guest Mode?

 The Apple Vision Pro represents a leap forward in spatial computing, and experiencing its capabilities should be as revolutionary as the technology itself. Guided Guest Mode is here to ensure that every first impression is as awe-inspiring as the device promises. Whether it's your tech-savvy friend or a family member curious about the future of technology, Guided Guest Mode makes every demonstration a journey worth remembering.

 Download it now and start sharing the magic of the Apple Vision Pro with ease and flair. Your guests are just an app away from being immersed in the spatial future.

Guided Guest Mode

The ultimate companion app for the Apple Vision Pro, designed to offer your friends and family an immersive introduction to the future of spatial computing.

Owning your own basketball court is becoming a reality! In Basketball XR, there‘s a full size basketball court, coupled with realistic physics simulation, you can shooting basketball anytime, anywhere.

 Developer recommends that you can adjustment the shooting sensitivity that suits yourself in the settings.


 * Full size basketball backboard & real rim height

 * High quality graphics and physics simulation

 * Control with gestures, shoot sensitivity settings

 * Realistic sound effects

 * Customize your own style basketball court

 * Freely movable basketball court

 * Game Center: Points Leaders, Today Points, 3-Pointers Made

Basketball XR

Owning your own basketball court is becoming a reality!