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With Maisomage, transform your connected home into a Smart Home. Enjoy a native visionOS app to simply move to a Smart Home with the following 2 simple steps:

1. Create scenes that match all the moods you want by setting the relevant Matter or Apple HomeKit compatible devices once and for all: turn on the right lights, set their intensity, their color, adjust the temperature, the shutters, and give a name for example 'Home cinema'.

Maisomage allows you to see all your scenes and choose the appropriate one to adjust everything in just 1 sight and 1 tap of your fingers.

You can even ask Siri 'Set my Home Cinema scene' in this example and Siri will make the settings you entered in Maisomage.

2. Do you enjoy using less buttons? Maisomage allows you to no longer tap at all by automating the launch of the scenes of your choice. We validate the automations in our laboratory and deliver them to you when they are tested and approved by our panel of users.

With a subscription, Maisomage also allows you to put your HomeKit or Matter compatible devices in energy saving mode when you leave your home and automatically put them back in comfort mode when you return without your intervention. Great savings if you control your heating and air conditioning using HomeKit or Matter compatible connected thermostats. Also no more lights left on without anyone at home.

Furthermore, at a glance, Maisomage gives you a view of all of your sensors in your home such as your thermostats, your air quality information, temperatures, humidity, the status opening of your connected shutters, doors and even Velux, without forgetting their batteries…

So, whether it's for energy savings or your comfort of life, don't hesitate: subscribe to Maisomage and enjoy the home of tomorrow today with your Apple Vision Pro.


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