Immersive meditations, powered by AI screenshotImmersive meditations, powered by AI screenshotImmersive meditations, powered by AI screenshot

mentalOS creates guided meditations tailored to your individual goals, challenges, and preferences. All sessions are generated by AI individually for each user in real-time.

mentalOS supports spatial environments, unlocking the potential of Apple Vision Pro capabilities. You can float through Panoramic Clouds or Star Fields to enhance your meditation practice.

Simply input your mood, challenges, or meditation goals, select your preferred teacher's voice and set your session's length. mentalOS will create a guided meditation that speaks directly to your soul.


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Chunk: Your Ultimate Document Assistant.

 Discover Chunk - the revolutionary app that redefines productivity and organization. With Chunk, harness the power of GPT-4 to store, search, analyze, and manage your personal documents like never before.

 Innovative Features:

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 Document Management Made Easy: Upload, tag, and organize documents with ease. Our CHUNKing technology smartly breaks down content for optimal management.

 Notes on the Go: Capture ideas, write notes, and store them securely. Chunk’s note-taking is seamless, offering smart tagging and instant updates.

 Writing Assistant Tools: Elevate your writing with GPT-4 Turbo. From grammar checks to creative writing prompts, tone adjustments, and even language translation, Chunk’s writing assistant is your perfect partner.

 Related Document Reference: Stay informed with our Related Documents feature, providing context and source material for your queries.

 Privacy and Security First: Your data’s safety is our priority. Chunk employs multiple layers of protection, including TLS encryption and secure infrastructure on Google Cloud.

 Why Choose Chunk?

 Streamline Your Workflow: With document, chat, and notes integration, Chunk optimizes your research and workflow efficiency.

 Collaboration Made Simple: Share insights and collaborate effortlessly within the Chunk ecosystem.

 Tailored for Your Needs: Whether you're on iPhone, iPad, or Mac, Chunk offers device-specific features like iCloud sync, smart query suggestions, and full-text formatting on Mac.

 Join the Chunk Community Today!

 Elevate your productivity and unleash your potential with Chunk. Download now and turn your bytes into insights!


Chunk: Your Ultimate Document Assistant.