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Get a 360° view of your business.Performance dashboards that are deeply integrated with your business tools, devices and teams.

Unify metrics from all your business tools.
- 4000+ ready-to-use KPIs
- 90+ integrations
- Connectors to custom data
- No code required
- Direct-device-to-service connections, no servers in between

Create shared awareness.
- Collaborative dashboards using secure iCloud sharing - add and track metrics together.
- Stream view-only dashboards in realtime - everyone invited can see them, but, only the owner can make changes.
- No account credentials are shared, only the metrics.

Beautifully crafted for each device.
- Seamlessly couples with all device form factors and features for an intuitive user experience.
- Personalized experience with lock screen & home screen widgets, Light / Dark modes, watch complications and more.
- Draws on core OS features to deliver metrics via Siri, Shortcuts, notifications & Spotlight.

More Features:
- 11 rich interactive visualizations, graphs and charts to customize your dashboards.
- Lock Screen, Home Screen, Desktop & Notification Center widgets.
- Light - Dark modes.
- Export and share dashboards as templates.
- Private iCloud Sync makes dashboards available everywhere, fast.


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 - Maintain a complete history of your viewing journey.

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 Experience FilmNoir from your iOS devices to your Mac and Apple Vision Pro.


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FilmNoir for Trakt

Introducing FilmNoir, your ultimate companion for tracking movies and TV shows.