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Planny learned everything important from common to do list apps but combines them with intelligence and gamification. In the morning and during the day Planny intelligently recommends tasks and also reminds you if you tend to forget them. You earn productivity points for adding and completing tasks, and also lose them if you shift tasks or forget them. Planny combines tasks with a calendar for this purpose.

Central is also the daily briefing, where the user can add more tasks to his daily schedule. The whole thing is combined with productivity statistics and an activity view to review and evaluate his past productivity.


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ManGo is a clean MyAnimeList anime & manga tracker for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple Vision Pro. You can keep track of anime you're watching and manga you're reading, as well as view detailed information about all of your favourite series.

 This is ManGo: 

 • Track what you're watching & reading 

 Do you always forget where you left off? Easily mark episodes as watched and volumes as read to keep track of your progress. You can also track rewatches/rereads, add a score or some notes, and more. You can even track anime on your Apple Watch! All information is kept secure and up-to-date with your MyAnimeList account.

 • Seasonal anime & Rankings 

 Browse a full overview of upcoming and continuing shows and quickly find any shows you're missing out on. Still have a huge backlog? Explore the rankings for anime, manga, movies and more, to find those must-watch / must-read series.

 • Notifications & Live Activities 

 Get alerts when a new episode of one of your shows is out or when a show first starts airing! There is also a 'Binge Session' Live Activity to track anime & manga directly on your Lock Screen & Dynamic Island.

 • Incredible Widgets 

 A wide selection of Home Screen & Lock Screen widget makes tracking fast and easy. They're all interactive as well, so you don't even have to open the app to track progress!

 • Spotify & Apple Music Integration 

 Automatically search the Spotify & Apple Music catalogs for anime openings & endings.

 • Apple Watch & Apple Vision Pro 

 ManGo offers an incredibly powerful companion right on your wrist. With complications and support for the Smart Stack, tracking progress has never been easier. The app is also one of the first apps available natively on Apple Vision Pro.

 • Extensive Customization 

 Make the app fit your needs with power features like tweaking the UI, fully custom gestures, nsfw settings, custom app tints/themes/icons, and more (optional one-time ManGo+ purchase required).

ManGo - Anime & Manga Tracker

ManGo is a clean MyAnimeList anime & manga tracker for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple Vision Pro.

Elevate your landscape with Timely - The Spatial Clock. Simply select the clock that fits your theme and place it into your environment.


Elevate your landscape with Timely - The Spatial Clock.

PastePal is the #1 clipboard manager for Apple Vision Pro,Mac, iPhone and iPad. Multiple side window position, hot edge, queue stack, quick mode and advanced filter.

 PastePal is a native application written in pure Swift that allows complete control over your clipboard history.

 The app is universal and available across Apple Vision Pro, Mac, iPhone and iPad devices. You can manually enable iCloud Sync in Settings and all data will be securely synced across devices. 

 Many features 

 - Side window for quick access to recent history. You can position it either top, left, bottom, right of the screen 

 - Main window for complete overview. There you can filter by app, content type and organize into collections 

 - Pagination. For large amount of data, pagination is enabled where you can navigate among multiple pages of history 

 - Setup allow and ignored list of apps, folders, content words 

 - Trim down pale history automatically. You can define time frame for how long you want to keep history


PastePal is the #1 clipboard manager for Apple Vision Pro,Mac, iPhone and iPad.