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Keep track of your subscriptions all in one place with SubManager. Built using the latest technologies and with a UI designed to feel right at home on Apple devices, SubManager is a subscription manager app allowing you to get notified in advance before a subscription is renewed. With the number of subscription services growing over time, an app like this is essential for keeping track of all the services you are subscribed to.

Features include:
- Track an unlimited number of subscriptions
- Get notified up to 30 days in advance
- Conversion of foreign subscriptions to your local currency
- Insights based on your subscriptions
- iCloud sync
- No ads

Want even more? SubManager+ includes additional features as part of a one-time purchase and works across all your Apple devices. Features available on visionOS include:
- App Lock
- Mark subscriptions as ended and view them anytime in the app
- Export and import your subscriptions

Feedback is always welcome. You can send your feedback through the feedback button on the settings page.


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