World Clock, Meeting Planner screenshotWorld Clock, Meeting Planner screenshotWorld Clock, Meeting Planner screenshot

Tizipizi is your ultimate time zone management app that makes converting time zones and scheduling meetings across the globe a breeze.

• Time Zone Converter - Compare time zones around the clock
• Meeting Planner - Find the best suitable time for international meetings
• All Clocks - Add clocks by city names (San Francisco), time zone names (Pacific Time), abbreviations (PST/PDT), or offsets (GMT/UTC+0200)
• Reference Clock - Convert time from any time zone
• Clock Names - Rename clocks to easily identify friends, colleagues, or events
• Groups - Organize clocks into groups such as friends, teams, projects or international events
• Time Sharing - Share time in different time zones by email, message and more
• Calendar Events - Create calendar events from the app
• Time Zone Information - Name, abbreviation, identifier, offset, Daylight Saving Time (DST) observation status and more
• Clock Themes - Customize the app's appearance
• iCloud Sync - Your data and preferences synced across all your devices
• Clean & Playful Design


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