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Explore a new musical dimension with Turntable: Music Explorer. This app allows you to search for songs, discover emerging artists, and explore musical genres like never before.

Key Features

- 3D Turntable Playback: Customize your turntable experience with three options of color personalization for the 3D turntable, all in pastel shades. Choose from a vibrant pastel yellow, a soothing pastel green, or an elegant pastel purple color scheme for the turntable, allowing you to match your style and mood while enhancing your visual enjoyment of your favorite tunes.

- Music Discovery: Find new songs, artists, and genres with the integrated search function. Discover hidden gems and expand your musical horizons effortlessly.

Intuitive Interface: Navigate through your music library seamlessly with simple and clear controls. Play, pause, and enjoy your favorite songs with ease, making every listening session a delightful experience.

- Immerse yourself in the rich sound of your music and discover a world of melodies with Turntable: Music Explorer. Download the app today and elevate your listening journey to new heights of enjoyment and discovery.

Please note: An Apple Music subscription is required to unlock all features of the app. Get ready to explore music like never before!


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