Apple Predicted To Ship 350,000 Apple Vision Pro’s In First Year Of Launch

• written by Krist Duro
Apple Predicted To Ship 350,000 Apple Vision Pro’s In First Year Of Launch

Vision Pro Sales To Hit 12m By The 5th Year Post Launch

Following the release of the Apple Vision Pro, data experts at Techopedia have analysed data from Statista which shows that Apple are predicted to ship 350,000 Vision Pro's in the first year of launch. With analysts predicting 350,000 sales in year one, the second year they have projected approximately 1,475,000 sales for the following year.

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This is a predicted increase of 321%. A hugely impressive figure indeed for a very unique product.

By the fifth year, approximately 12,613,000 Apple Vision Pro’s are projected to be shipped. That is an increase of 3,504% from 2024.

Apple Vision Pro Will Outperform Meta Quest 2 And Sony VR Sales By 2028

With Apple predicted to ship over 12.6m Apple Vision Pro’s over its first five years post launch, this will be considerably more than its two main competitors.

The duo in question are Sony and Meta. The latter sold 10.4m headsets in the first 5 years of its launch.

Sony – perhaps surprisingly – only sold 6.6m headsets in the first 5 years of their launch. How do they compare in price?

The Apple Vision Pro is available for $3,500. The Meta Quest 2 is retailing at $300 with Sony’s product setting customers back $399. This does make it more of a surprise for Apple’s projected sales.

Techopedia’s Lee Astley commented:

Apple is arguably the most favored technological company in the world for smartphones, tablets and computers. It’s no surprise to see them making their move in the VR headset scene. The numbers that are predicted and projected are truly impressive and perhaps unsurprising. The fact they are likely to move more shipments in the first 5 years post launch than Meta and Sony demonstrates just how much consumers trust their products.

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