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AirLauncher is your new shortcut widget on Apple Vision Pro! Setup your favorite websites, apps and contacts to jump into experiences, websites and conversations in a single pinch. Use our awesome icon editor, website favicons, your photo library, or drag in an image from any other app to customize your floating spatial widget. Configure in a horizontal or vertical grid and choose how you want your favorites in your own space!

- Launch anything with just one pinch!
- Save your contacts to jump into your iMessage conversations quickly
- Drag and drop straight from the Safari location bar to add your favorite websites
- Customize shortcut icon colors & symbols
- Drop images straight from the web to customize your look
- Choose horizontal or vertical layouts, along with how many rows or columns to get the perfect setup for your workspace!


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View your 360° photos with a few taps.

 Select a 360 from Photos, wait a few seconds, and then enjoy your memories. Adjust immersiveness with the dial to taste. Look around--stay awhile. Select another photo whenever you like. Toggle the experience on and off as needed. That's about it.

 Tip: add your 360s to album(s) to make them easier to find. You can even move an album to the top of the list to reduce strolling. You can't manage albums on the Apple Vision Pro yet so use your phone or computer. Also, 'smart albums' would be super useful here but unfortunately those don't sync yet.

 Tip: if your 360s aren't showing up correctly (e.g. they're stretched or look grainy) make sure they are 2:1 aspect ratio equirectangular. That's what's supported today though if there's demand I may support more. Photos should ideally be least 8192x4096. Tested with DJI Mini 4 (12000x6000) and Ricoh Theta S (5376x2688).

 Why aren't 360s supported well by Photos? Not sure, maybe there will be better support in the future. Until then I wanted a way to view my cool drone shots. Sharing is caring.

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View your 360° photos with a few taps.