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CardPointers will save you money and earn you more cash back, points, and miles every day by maximizing credit card spend bonuses, offers, and welcome bonuses. Most users save $750+ per year!

The app automatically tracks every category bonus and recurring bank credits from over 5,000 credit cards and helps you use your Amex, Chase, Bank of America, and Citibank offers to save even more money every day.

Spatial shopping is now possible thanks to AutoPilot for visionOS.

Activate the Safari extension, turn on AutoPilot, then place the AutoPilot window alongside Safari, and everywhere you shop online you can see if you have an offer at that merchant, as well as your best card to use to maximize your points at checkout. It's never been easier to save money on everything you buy online.

With the Safari Web Extension, you can now also search, filter, and add every Amex, Chase, BoA, and Citi offers just by logging in -- safely and securely as your bank logins are never used at all.


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MoneyCoach is a modern budget and money manager helping millions of people with their financial habits and mindfulness. Track all your cash spending, manage your personal budgets and reduce your financial stress. That's what MoneyCoach is all about 


 √  Family Sync - Share your data with your wife, husband. partner or any other user using different Apple IDs 

 √  Apple Pay/Wallet Integration - Automatically import transactions from Apple Pay / Wallet via a Shortcut Automation. 

 √  Credit Card Tracking - Manually add and manage your credit cards, set up reminders to pay them and more 

 √  Personalised Budgets - Smart budgets that will help you save money every month, personalized to your needs 

√  Smart Goals - Individual goals to work towards and develop your financial habits 

 √  Real-time Net Worth - Track much money you have in total, in real-time, and the progression since you started using the MoneyCoach 

 √  Intuitive Reports - Track your progress and measure your financial improvements 

 √  CSV Import - Import your data from any previous app or bank via CSV and start your journey towards money & happiness 

 √  Sync Everywhere - Available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple Vision Pro 

 √  Savings Accounts - Setup savings accounts and reduce your financial stress 

√  Siri Conversational Shortcuts - Ask Siri to add transactions quickly or about your financials

 √  Live & Custom Exchange Rates - Perfect for multi-currency accounts and people who travel a lot 

√  Ludicrous Speed - Just 2 seconds to enter a new transaction... that's Tesla fast 

√  And so much more… 

 Financial mindfulness apps can be scary and you probably won't understand how helpful they can be immediately after you open them. MoneyCoach is here to do just that, help you create healthy financial habits, reduce your financial stress, and increase your financial knowledge. Download MoneyCoach today, and create healthy financial habits.


MoneyCoach is a modern budget and money manager helping millions of people with their financial habits and mindfulness.

Decky brings a new level of efficiency and convenience to your immersive experience. Gone are the days of constantly switching between tabs or struggling to manage multiple windows.

 Decky has been specifically designed for indie developers, like ourselves, in mind. With Decky, all your important KPIs like Daily or Monthly Active Users (DAU/MAU), Active Subscriptions, Churn etc. are there waiting for you to just glance at them.

 Open your analytics tool, center each view on top of the chart, graph, statistic etc. you want to see and Decky will remember the scroll position on that specific URL. Multiple different grids layout like 1x4 or 2x2 are available to choose from allowing you to have up to 6 different analytics on at all times.

 What’s even cooler is that Decky also has the ability to automatically refresh the URLs in a customisable interval so you don’t have to deal with any of that.

 Decky is perfect to use full screen on a second or third monitor so you always have a grip on what is happening with your game, app or website stats.

 Since you can open up to 6 different URLs, any URLs, the sky is limit. Here are some examples on how you can use Decky: 

 - As your "Indie Dev", open your RevenueCat, App Store Connect and track how your apps are doing. 

 - As your “Socials Deck”, open TikTok, Twitter and Instagram all at once and just scroll to infinity. 

 - As your “Money Deck”, open your stock market portfolio and any crypto tickers to see your Net Worth in real time.

 - As your “News Deck”, open Twitter, Linkedin, whatever other resource you use for news and be informed about what’s happening at all times.

 Decky brings the power of multitasking directly to your spatial computing experience, allowing you to do more in less time. Experience the convenience of having multiple tasks at your fingertips, all visible and accessible simultaneously. Say goodbye to tab clutter and hello to a streamlined, efficient workflow with Decky.

Decky Dashboard

Decky brings a new level of efficiency and convenience to your immersive experience.

MoneySpaces is, possibly, the ultimate budgeting app for families, couples, roommates, and more!

 With MoneySpaces, you can easily create and share budgets, accounts, and money lists with anyone, whether it's your family, friends, or work colleagues. Plus, you can collaborate, comment, and manage your financial spaces together, all while keeping your information secure with iCloud and CloudKit.

 MoneySpaces lets you create budgets, accounts or any money lists and is perfect to help you track all of your expenses.

 Think of MoneySpaces as your own personal Notes app, but specifically designed for your finances.

 It's simple, secure, and customizable, making it perfect for all sorts of budgeting needs.

 For example, you can use MoneySpaces to set up allowances for your kids, split living expenses with your roommates, manage debts with your friends, plan a trip with shared expenses, track your travel expenses on a business trip, and even calculate the cost of events and parties! 

 MoneySpaces is the perfect app for: 

 * Family budget 

 * Parents setting up allowances for their kids 

 * Couples managing their budget 

 * Roommates splitting living expenses 

 * Students managing debts with their friends 

 * Trips with friends, shared expenses 

 * Travel expenses on a business trip 

 * Event planning and cost calculation


MoneySpaces is, possibly, the ultimate budgeting app for families, couples, roommates, and more!